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Welcome to the 
Team...we've got a place for you!

From beginners to professionals on the competition circuit, our gym is there to serve as a community and karate family for all...come hang out at our house and develop the gold or nothing mindset. Come early. Come often. Just come on over. 

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Welcome 2024! Check out our New Year celebration pricing and schedule!
Daily rate: $14 Punch card: $65 Unlimited classes: $89

We are a results oriented program, building today's students into future champions and instructors.

That's why our students are invited to come to class for at least an hour as often as they would like to train.

            Sunday                     Monday                        Tuesday                     Wednesday                        Thursday                           Friday                
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The first 3 classes are 
always free - come in &
check us out!

Closed Sunday! 

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Saturday Classes

10 AM - Weapons Training

10:00 Kickboxing

11:00 Classical Forms

10 AM -12:00 Karate4Toddlers+Art+Piano+

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