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Classical Weapons: Bo/Okinawan Quarterstaff

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This program covers the basic katas for Okinawan Kobudo-styled bo martial arts. This program is intended to be an addition to a classical or karate-oriented program. We will mostly be covering techniques with the quarterstaff however many of the techniques found in open hand styles are also present in weapons as well. So, terminology, stances, breathing, etc all count for the completion of this program. This program will teach the bo katas: Shuji No Kon Sho and Shuji No Kon Dai. There is a grading system in place. The course overall is pass/fail, so the grade will not appear on any documentation. Every aspect of each kata is represented with a grade percent that goes as <60%=F, 70%=C, 80%=B, >90%=A. I hope to see you all soon!

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