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a) Decide if you want to do classes online, in person, or both online and in person.
b) Drop by our studio some week day evening at 1313 South 6th St. after 3 PM, or contact us during the day by phone.  We offer classes online throughout the daytime hours for all ages and abilities!  In the evening between 4 PM and 9 PM we offer classes live and online simultaneously.  If making it into the dojo some night is difficult, with our program you can still join class from the comfort of your home!
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Karate is a sport that lasts not through high school, but a lifetime...
...the hardest part is just showing up because we can teach you the rest!
Traditional Forms
Creative Forms
Extreme Forms

Traditional forms make up the basis for the typical curriculum found in a karate school.  On the competitive level, it is composed of several different divisions.  Traditional forms are typically divided into Classical, Korean, Hard Style, and Chinese.

Point Sparring

Modern traditional forms have evolved to open hand movements that you might see modified from a dance or a tumbling class.  These are exciting and explosive minute and a half karate forms that do not include flips.

Extreme forms combine martial arts and gymnastics to press the pinnacle of athleticism to its highest level.  These forms include jumps, flips, spins, and electrify crowds with their daredevil stunts.  And while the gymnastics wow the crowds, the traditional karate elements make it uniquely martial arts.

Continuous Sparring
Weapons Forms

Point sparring is a game of hard tag with pads.  It relies on speed of punches, footwork, and strategy.  Point sparring is a chess game that keeps a body on its toes, and fit for life.

Like its cousin point sparring, continuous sparring is an outstanding way to stay fit.  Incorprating more elements of boxing, kicks and punches are typical from a traditional karate program.  This is a two minute lightning round where the person with the greatest speed, agility, and power wins the day

Weapons can be traditional or extreme, and are a favorite division among Team Ascension members.  Typical weapons used common at karate tournaments include the bo staff, kamas, bokken, and nunchucks.  But like the rest of the sport karate world, weapons divisions are seeing new ideas all the time.  To win at a weapons contest, focus on speed and creativity.