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Brent Haney 
Sparring/Creative and Extreme Forms Kenpo and Choreography
Kendall Haney 
Traditional Forms
Saxon Haney
Traditional Forms, Kobudo & Creative Weapons Specialist
Lizzie Lion Haney 
Sparring/Creative and Extreme
Forms Specialist
Tosher Otter Haney 
Sparring/Creative and Extreme Forms 
Ethan Haney 
Sparring/Creative and Extreme Forms 

Team Ascension's global competition team has had the privilege of performing with, competing against, and training from some of the greatest coaches and competitors in the world.  From Saudi Arabia to home and back again, none of it would have been possible without the extraordinary coaches from Guatemala City, Guatemala, infamous for their willingness to train at the same level an athlete is willing to work.  Special thanks to Sensei Luis Alberto Morales of Douvris Guatemala for his unwavering support of Team Ascension athletes and so many more all over the world. When we asked, you came to visit.  When we told you where we struggled, you helped fix that too. Without your help each morning, afternoon, and night, sir, we could not have ever gotten this far. To honor that, we make sure to train in all the spaces in between.


We also thank our classical forms teacher, Sensei Nelson Sunu, for believing that virtual training could work to build black belts all over the world. Mr. David Praim, thank you so much for being the first to teach us how to become part of the WKC World circuit and continuing to be our friend in the truest sense. 


There are so many other amazing instructors with whom we have trained with in the past and will always greatly appreciate including Sensei Tomas Hidalgo of Guatemala, Sensei Edgar Cordova, Harris Edwards from WKC Team USA,  Stars International and the Letona family for allowing us to train with you on so many nights, and Sensei Felipe Alvarez who taught us tirelessly and with such kindness.


Established and sponsored by a resident Brainerd family, this team is focused on building a better Brainerd with flamboyant forms and sparring style, and positive life training that takes karate lessons from the gym to a person’s real world dreams.  Whether a person prefers to be a part of the team as spectator fan or participant, we have a place for everyone in our program. 


Here at Team Ascension, we are dedicated to always achieving excellence in every aspect of our lives.  We know that there is always room to improve, grow, and better both our skills and our knowledge. There is also always more room to grow our team and help others to achieve the goals they are striving for. 


We are a karate team; that makes us family.  We are the best kind of family.  We pick each other up when we fall down, we show up for each other, and our leaders foster a positive environment that people can grow in regardless of where they start.  


Parents have commented to us that they really appreciated our competition team approach to class.  By sectioning our class time into organized stations, our instructors are able to take a close look at where our competitors are at, and what they need to be able to do to get to the next level in their training.  In short, our classes have a private lessons feel with the benefit of fellow students to  cheer each other on.

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